Why free play games are a rite of passage to real money/competitive gaming

Why free play games are a rite of passage to real money/competitive gaming

Generally, free games are considered games where you can play casually for recreational purposes. Whereas competitive play requires focus and drive to improve and hopefully become one of the best. With online casino games, playing for real money is driven by the motivation to win.

Gamers love to jump on the real money bandwagon to begin earning profits on successful plays. However, this plan often goes awry, especially when going in with little or no knowledge of the gameplay. Free to play games are not just to enjoy carefree gaming. They are a rite of passage to competitive and high-stakes gaming. Here’s why you should always play for free before playing for real:

Try out gameplay at no risk

Free play gaming is a great way to try out new games for the first time. Not all games are the same, and some may be less appealing to your tastes and preferences. Playing free game versions will allow you to decide whether you like the game or not at zero cost.

Survey the website or app

Free play won’t just let you do a test run on games; it will also let you examine the gaming platform. Online casino sites or apps that allow you to try out games for free will also give you the chance to understand how the platform works. If it’s mobile compatible, you can see whether it works smoothly on your smartphone and how enjoyable the experience will be when you begin placing real bets. PayPal Casino lists some of the best online casino gaming platforms where you can play games for free.

Perfecting your strategy

Video games are all about strategizing, especially when playing titles with a competitive flair. Whether first-person shooter games or MOBA games, there’s no way around it. You need to invest hours of practice in becoming proficient.

For casino lovers, games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and the likes require a certain level of skill, so playing for free will help you sharpen your knowledge of the rules before you play for real.

Some casino games like slots are purely based on chance and require no strategy at all. However, not all slots are the same, and maybe some in-game features are foreign to you. You’d be better prepared to place real money wagers when you know what you’re going into.

Learn how the game pays

Online casino games, especially slots, usually have inbuilt payout statistics. This determines how much you win on any successful bet, and as games differ from each other, so do the paybacks. When playing for free, you can learn how profitable the game will be over time.


The great news is that many online gaming software companies now design their games in two modes, the free version, and the real money version. So often, you’ll have the liberty to play games risk-free before diving in and staking some money.

Also, you’ll find that free games are identical to real money versions, so you don’t miss out on any of the entertainment.